KURAMOTO.Miyao Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

The flavor of Shimeharitsuru is crafted with the brewers’ dedication to making supreme sake, and is best defined as rich yet light. Established in 1819, Miyao Shuzo is situated in Murakami, one of the finest rice producing areas of Niigata that cultivates a variety of quality sake rice such as Gohyakumangoku. The brewery’s well taps into the pristine underground water that flows from the Asahi mountain range via the Miomote River which is famous for its salmon run. This delicate and almost sweet soft water is used in brewing, and shapes the flavor of our sake. Genuine devotion to sake brewing is another important aspect that has been passed down in our brewery. Using outstanding rice and crystal clear water, we dedicate ourselves to brewing delicious sake to the satisfaction of our customers.

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958-0873 5-15,kamikatamachi,Murakami-shi,NIIGATA

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