What is the Geographical Indications (GIs) for
Liquor Products?

Probably, many of you know that when the sign of “Champagne” for a liquor product, for example, it must be produced within the specified area, and it must meet prescribed production standards and quality requirements.
Thus, the GIs for Liquor Products are signs used on the product that have a collective geographical origin and the product according to the quality standard.

The GIs for Liquor Products show that:

  • It is actuallyproduced within the area.

  • It meets the specified production standards and the quality requirements.

Consumer can choose collective brands for quality-bound-to-origin liquor products.

*The GIs for Liquor Products are granted by the Commissioner of the National Tax Agency of JAPAN
upon application from groups of producers of the areas.The government will check on unauthorized use of GIs.